About CEED

CEED was formed in 1986 with the prime objective of opening opportunities for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities (BAMEs) in economic, social, regeneration, education, and training sector that they are increasingly being under-represented. 

CEED celebrated its 20th anniversary and achievements in 2006, bringing together a diverse range of communities.

CEED fills an important gap in the existing employment and enterprise provision in Bristol and its environs by enabling mainstream resources to reach and improve the status of those from disadvantaged groups. 

The status of CEED is such that, it represents and strives to empower the black and minority ethnic communities with service provision such as positive action training, enterprise development, media, information and communication technology, and management courses. In addition, recognising the needs of those Not in Education, Employment and Training [NEET], through the PRO-CEED project.

The activities span across the whole of South West, whilst primarily focused in the west of England areas. Whereas the positive action-training programme recruits throughout from the South West, the operational office has been based in Bristol. In 2006, funding from the South West Regional Agency [SWRDA] enables a satellite office for positive action programme in Swindon.

CEED has been cited as “good exemplar” organisation especially with its Employment programme, which has been disseminated to 6 major European countries including Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy and Denmark.

Through its work with many local and European partners under the CREATE/EQUAL project, various employability models such as ‘diversity, employability, and positive action are being developed to support employees and employers.
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Function Space

CEED: We provide rooms for Meetings, Conferences, and desk space for local businesses. We also Venue Space for family events such as anniversaries  weddings and other social activities.
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